What makes Nerf.LoL so accurate?

1. We only use the highest rank games possible. This means Challenger-Master games only. This ensures that all builds have reached its maximum potential for its champions.

2. We analyze every single build path for popularity (pick rate) + win rate. A good build should be popular enough to be widely used and also perform great (have a high win rate).

3. We analyze millions of game data and are always updating every hour to ensure the best accuracy.

4. We highlight easy step by step build examples from famous pro-players that follow our builds. This helps you follow along, and verify that the build is accurate.

Why not use opgg?

We stand out by offering builds that are far more accurate and better by focusing on the highest possible rank. Since 95% of the games analyzed by opgg are bronze-platinum games, it produces very poor inaccurate builds that have not reached its potential. opgg uses game data from every rank including bronze.

Why not use championgg?

We stand out by offering builds that are further focused on the highest possible rank. By focusing on just pro-players, the builds will be optimal and have the highest potential. Since 80% of the games analyzed by championgg are platinum games, it produces very poor subpar builds that have not reached its potential.


The Most Accurate and Simplest League of Legends Pro Builds. Our goal is to make builds as simple as possible while keeping it as accurate as possible. Our continually refined AI, poro, refines and presents the most current builds by analyzing and filtering millions of data from professional players.


We are a team of passionate diamond league of legends players who regularly search for the strongest builds. However, searching for the best builds from various websites and going through stats took substantial time. We wanted to make that easier for ourselves and all other players.


Finding the right build can be frustrating; Looking through countless builds after builds and comparing winrates of each. We wanted to make this easy for everyone meanwhile keeping it as accurate as possible. Looking up builds shouldn’t be hard. Focus on what matters most! Let our poro do the work for you.


What games are these builds collected from?

All data and information are collected straight from Riot Games servers ranging from Challenger tier players to Master tier solo/duo ranked games.

How is the data updated?

Everything is done automatically by our versatile smart AI. Calculations and updates of new game data are being done as you read this answer.

How often are the data being updated and analyzed?

Hourly, from the Riot Games server. Since we are still working on improving our AI’s accuracy and efficiency, there may be rare downtime while patching new updates.

How are your builds selected?

Analyzing numerous recent ranked solo/duo games, we target all the stats of each player and their build paths. Our AI picks items, runes, and paths that have high popularity and perform better than all others.

What makes a good build?

In order to develop an AI that can quickly and accurately propose the strongest builds for players. We first, had to ask… what can be classified as a good build?
1.Track the best player’s methods and builds?
2.Following best parts of different pro-player Track the best records of various pro players?
3.Following best builds paths situationally based on performance. Track the best performances through different situations

For now, the AI tracks best performance of various players . As we continue to improve our AI, we would like to provide users with a very simple situational build path maximize their build routes.

How can I contact an admin?

If you have any suggestions, or bugs, please feel free to let us know. No matter how small it may be, it will help us grow as we thrive to make nerf the best experience for everyone. We are always adding updates with lots of new features to come. You can contact an admin via Email at [email protected]